What Happens at Our 5-Day Training Conference

 Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to Southern California. During the Swann School of Protocol, intensive five-day etiquette instructor training program participants will:

  • Receive breakfast daily

  • Receive lunch daily

  • Enjoy a “Working” 5-course etiquette dinner

  • Receive daily hands-on instruction from Elaine Swann and her team of business, marketing and image consulting professionals.

  • Obtain comprehensive etiquette training so you can teach any from any of our curriculum programs.

  • Receive an instructor’s training manual, PowerPoint slides, lesson plans and activities to use in your classes.

  • Participate in a one-day presentation workshop (we’ll record your presentation and give feedback and constructive critique).

  • Receive business tools and resources such as marketing & PR tips, templates for email, pitch letters to potential clients, proposals, and contracts, pricing structures.

  • Get 5-star coaching on building your business, marketing, sales, and your professional image

  • Participate in a professional photo shoot and return home with images for your website, marketing materials and social media platforms.

  • Receive a certificate of completion stating you are Certified Etiquette Consultant

  • Receive your complete “Business Starter Kit” which includes personalized business cards, and Swann School marketing materials.

  • Celebrate the launch of your business and your website at our LAUNCH party the last day of training!