About Our Etiquette Consultant Training Program


Imagine having a rewarding job that lets you share your love of good manners with kids & teens, college students, adults and corporate executives. Now imagine earning a full or part-time salary doing this job. If you can see yourself helping others learn proper conduct, life skills, and ways to improve their social interaction, then you are ready for the world of etiquette consulting! 

Elaine Swann, the founder of Elaine Swann Leadership Academy (ESLA), is America’s leading Lifestyle & Etiquette Expert. She is the one of America’s most sought after etiquette experts and you can now link up with her and start your independent etiquette consulting business today!

Become an Elaine Swann Leadership Academy Consultant and gain association with our nationally recognized brand. We get over 10,000 hits on our website per month. We receive regular inquiries about etiquette classes in several cities across the US and abroad. Elaine can only be in one place at a time but we’d love to send these clients to you! That’s just ONE of the benefits of being an Elaine Swann Leadership Academy Consultant. You’ll also benefit from Elaine’s 20-year history as an etiquette professional along with her business expertise. 

Get our training as an etiquette coach, and you’ll be able to establish your own profitable and life-changing etiquette business. You can host workshops, seminars and keynote presentations to schools, universities and professional organizations. 

Elaine Swann Leadership Academy provides hands-on, comprehensive etiquette instruction and a “turn-key” operation to get your business up and running immediately. As an Elaine Swann Leadership Academy Consultant, you’ll be in business for yourself – but not by yourself. You establish your own goals, hours and methods of working with clients. We’ll provide you with: 

You own 100% of your consulting business and 100% your earnings are yours. Your clients pay you directly and you work at your own pace. You merely pay us a monthly $47 subscription fee to maintain all the benefits we offer to help you maximize your success.

Attend our intensive 5-day training program where you are personally trained by Elaine Swann and her team of business, marketing and image consulting professionals. Get certified as an Elaine Swann Leadership Academy Consultant and start your etiquette consulting business TODAY!