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Kids Etiquette Camp

- AGES 7-12
- A one day 4-hour workshop
- Includes a 3-course "Learning Lunch" meal

We will provide your child with the skills needed to feel self-assured and confident in any situation. They will learn proper table manners, manners at home, manners when out and about, honesty, integrity, getting along with others, and compassion. The topics covered are:

Beyond Please and Thank you
Using Kind Words and Phrases, Public Manners, Treating Others with Respect and Kindness, Behavior in Everyday Situations, Talking to Adults, Eye Contact, Sitting Properly, Proper Note Writing

Mealtime Manners
Posture at the Table, Table Settings, Silverware Placement, Napkin Placement, Handling Utensils (American and Continental Style), Dining Do's and Don'ts, Dining Dilemmas and Eating Difficult Foods, Passing Items Around the Table, Basic Table Manners, Proper Way to Butter and Eat Bread, Interacting with Servers, Excusing Yourself from the Table
$200 or $180 at Early bird registration rate

Earlier Event: January 13
2-Hour Timeless Manners Class
Later Event: January 26
Teen Etiquette Camp