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-Age 7 - 12
- Full day or half day option
Each day features fun interactive themes focused on everyday manners, life skills, character development, communication, and dining etiquette. Our 5-star etiquette skills are taught using, role play, crafts, games, stories, hands-on activities, and thoughtful discussion.
Full Day: $390 whole week, 9:00 am-3:30 pm
Half Day: $200 whole week, 9:00 am-12:00 pm or 12:30pm – 3:30pm

- Ages 7-12 for kids
- Ages 13 - 17 for teens
- A 4-hour workshop
- Includes a 3-course "Learning Lunch" meal
We will provide your student with the skills needed to feel self-assured and confident in any situation. They will learn proper table manners, manners at home, manners when out and about, honesty, integrity, getting along with others, and compassion. The topics covered are:
Beyond Please and Thank you
Using Kind Words and Phrases, Public Manners, Treating Others with Respect and Kindness, Behavior in Everyday Situations, Talking to Adults, Eye Contact, Sitting Properly, Proper Note Writing
Mealtime Manners
Posture at the Table, Table Settings, Silverware Placement, Napkin Placement, Handling Utensils (American and Continental Style), Dining Do's and Don’ts, Dining Dilemmas and Eating Difficult Foods, Passing Items Around the Table, Basic Table Manners, Proper Way to Butter and Eat Bread, Interacting with Servers, Excusing Yourself from the Table
$200 or $180 at Early bird registration rate

- Boys and Girls
- Ages 7 - 17
- 2-hour workshop
- Includes a light "Learning Meal"
Our Timeless Manners Class for youth only will teach your student dining etiquette, everyday manners. Student will learn how to use the "Power of Polite!" in everyday situations. The class includes a light meal, and handouts for home use.
$100 or $90 at Early bird registration rate

- Ages 8- 12
- 3-week series we meet once each week
- 1-hour workshop
Our girls only class tackles essential topics that range from first impressions to communication to everyday interaction. This class also gives today's growing girls tools for dealing with sticky social situations and how to behave when out and about. These life skills will help make a difference in your daughter's life by learning etiquette, dining and communication skills. Girls will learn to use the "Power of Polite" in a fun, and comfortable environment for "just girls!"
Topics covered: Body Language, Graceful Conduct, Talking to Adults, Voice and Vocabulary, Modern Manners for Today's Girls, Manners When Out & About, Mealtime Manners
$150 per child or $135 at early bird registration rate

- Ages 8- 12
- A 3-week series
- 1-hour workshop
Make a difference in your son's life by learning intermediate etiquette, dining and communication skills. We'll instruct your young man on maximizing the use of the "Power of Polite" in a fun, and comfortable environment for “just guys!" Includes a light meal, handouts for home use and certificate of completion.
Topics covered: Body Language, Modern Chivalry, Talking to Adults, Voice and Vocabulary, Manners When Out & About, Mealtime Manners
$150 per child or $135 at early bird registration rate

- Ages 3 - 5
- A one day 1-hour presentation
- Includes dessert/fruit and lemonade
This hands-on tea party is great for preschool aged boys and girls! Children can bring their favorite teddy bear, doll or action figure to attend the party! With songs and role play children will learn their first steps to proper manners!

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Etiquette Classes for Kids & Teens

Our etiquette workshop series is designed to empower children, and teens, high school and college students to develop strong social skills that will transform them into leaders of tomorrow. Our classes are entertaining and interactive session helps students learn the value of proper behavior, self-respect and consideration towards others. Our message encourages youth to support one another, discover new possibilities within themselves and take control of their destiny by making good choices.